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Mixed Sample

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My first Deep Zoom composition to successfully publish on the web.

After many attempts to create a Deep Zoom composition using Deep Zoom Composer, I have succeeded. I could create the image and see it work in test and preview mode, but whenever I published to the web hosting site, it would not appear. That is until recently (Sept 2012) when I stumbled upon some information which made me think that the reason it was not publishing correctly was to do with the hosting platform.

Until that time I had assumed that as it was new software, and I was still learning, the problem was the user, me.

In fact, it was that the web hosting platform was Linux. It did not handle Silverlight as a host. Hence this new web host you are currently looking at which is based on a Windows hosting platform.

The image to the left is fairly rudimentary, but is amazing all the same.

Move the mouse across the image and use either the thumb wheel or click / shift-click to zoom in and out. There are also four small buttons at the bottom right of the image for navigation.

Enjoy playing.