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Internal Galleries


A collection of images from around the world

On page notes and credits

Photo Galleries The photo gallery links frequently open a new page, use the back button to return here or press the ‘Lightroom’ or 'Ivan Hurst Photography' header to return to the home page.

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Internal Galleries refers to those collections of images that are hosted within one of my environments. It excludes Web Galleries such as Flickr and Picasa.

The Internal Galleries broadly fit into three categories;

  • Basic HTML standalone galleries with a single subject matter or theme.
    These should be visible and operable on all equipment including mobile devises.
  • Advance galleries which require additional software such as Adobe Flash to operate.
    This may require accepting 'Active X' as your page loads.
  • Very Advanced, e.g. Silverlight and Lightbox driven local galleries.

These are explained in more detail below.

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Basic HTML

The HTML galleries are generated straight out of Lightroom. Lightroom is my current database or catalogue of all my images. I used to use Extensis Portfolio as my photo and image management software but changed to Lightroom when it was released. I have progressed through versions 2, 3, and now 4. I have over 20,000 images in a single catalogue which is still growing apace.

Lightroom has a number of modules, including one called Web. Here you can select one of your collections, and using templates, create a basic website photo gallery and upload it to your website host.

The primary benefit of the HTML based photo galleries is that they should work on any platform, in any browser, on any equipment, including mobile devises such as smart phones and tablets. It will also operate on most corporate networks irrespective of the extent that they are locked down.

They are not as pretty or advanced as some other solutions, but they work.

A significant difficulty with single galleries is that they need some form of index to be able to navigate to them, in addition to the menus.

An example is Bedford TM Cab Restoration

The list of Basic HTML internal galleries is on the next page. Currently it is in the order of entry. It may get more sophisticated as the list gets longer.

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Very Advanced




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